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July 2020
Managing Remote Sales Teams Effectively
Below is the first article in a three-part series for effectively managing a remote sales force. Here, my good friend and IT Expert Alex Rayter of Phoenix 2.0 addresses one of the most urgent and important issues for any company moving to more remote sales activity. In the following stories of the series, we will cover additional IT issues and sales management tools to make sure the team can be as productive and effective as you need them to be.

Since I have been managing remote sales teams for over 25 years, I’m sure you’ll find some of my tools and practices helpful for your organization. You can also hear Alex live in our July 29 webinar - registration link is below in this newsletter. We have reserved some Q&A time, so you can ask me, Alex and the other presenters specific questions about your particular challenges.

-Don McMahan
How to Secure Your Sales People and Keep Money Coming In (Not Leaving Out the Proverbial Cyber Backdoor)
by Alex Rayter
If you’ve ever been in a hotel room late at night working on a client deliverable, we understand each other. Those of us responsible for driving revenue understand that time kills all deals. That’s why there’s never a good time to lose productivity, especially because you can’t access your device, resources or data. In order to ensure sales teams stay productive in this new era of COVID-19 and WFH (Working From Home), it’s important to put some protections in place.

Don McMahan
San Francisco Bay Area


Don McMahan is the founder of FlyCloud Consulting Inc., a firm specializing in outsourced sales leadership, channel strategy and sales execution utilizing the proven Sales Xceleration platform. His special focus is helping clients exceed revenue and sales targets across a diverse range of industries with programs specifically tailored to each customer. He is also well known as a sales compensation expert across a broad range of industries.

With over 32 years of sales leadership experience, Don is a highly recognized and award-winning technology industry leader.

Hiring a Salesperson? Start with a Better Sales Job Description
by Sales Xceleration
Great sales results start with great salespeople; so, when your organization needs to recruit and hire a top-quality salesperson, it pays to start with a hiring process that includes a strategically targeted salesperson job description.

Dangers of Making a Bad Hiring Decision

How important is the hiring process? Leadership and Success guru Peter Drucker once noted that “One third [of hiring decisions] are outright failures.” And yet, too many organizations take shortcuts and hope for the best while ignoring the risks of a bad hire:

  • Continual salesperson turnover
  • Constant (and costly) hiring and training
  • Loss of productive selling time during onboarding and training
  • Potential loss of the sales pipeline while transitioning to a new salesperson
  • Loss of customer confidence due to repeated turnover
  • Misdirected management time due to constant focus on hiring
Job Description Template
If you are looking to hire a new person for your sales team, you are in luck. We have created a Job Description Template that will help you target the perfect fit for your team.
Sales Support Toolbox
We built a complete set of practical tools to help you shape the sales process, support team members, and grow revenue for your organization. If you'd like any of these tools, please contact me.
  • Job Description Template
  • Sales Compensation Checklist
  • Motivating Your Team Amid COVID-19
  • Keeping Sales on Track During COVID-19
  • 7 Key Areas to Adapt During Times of Crisis
  • COVID-19's Impact on Compensation Plans
  • Virtual Meeting Checklist
  • Sales Plan Checklist
  • Social Media Plan Checklist
  • Buyer Persona Template
  • 90-Day Sales Manager Checklist
  • Roleplay Feedback Tool
  • 1-Year Sales Rep Onboarding Checklist
  • Motivating Your Sales Team
Take a free Sales Agility Assessment to learn where to start improving your current sales performance. The unique report will help you implement new sales components and build a foundation for lasting growth.
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